Pleasure and Protection

By Lickle Dee

I’m proud to say I’m old and loving it. I’m going onto 31 and I can’t wait. Maybe it’s cause I’m more confident in myself than I ever was in my 20s and the sex just got a whole lot better. I’m more open to new things and I’m strong enough to say hell no to other things and not feel bad about my decision. Sex in my early 20s was confusing. I didn’t exactly know all that I know now and I didn’t have an aunt or older sister to ask about how to have sex with another female. I had an idea but I didn’t trust my techniques. I didn’t exactly know how to use dental dams (sigh). I know most people say female to female sex is easy because you just to do to them what you would want done to you but that doesn’t always work. I learnt a lot from porn, yes porn with the help of Miss Palmer (my hands) lol,thanks to that I have a crazy imagination that helps me write enjoyable lesbian erotica stories.
I’ve used toys, the good old dildo and vibrator and I must say they are a must have for those that enjoy penetration. I really liked the fact that I could use protection (condoms) with both. There’s a whole range of toys to suit everyone’s taste and I would recommend the use of them especially when things get monotonous in the bedroom even just for fun. Sex is really important (my discovery), whether you are having it alone or with someone else so why not make your every sexual encounter memorable.
The tongue and fingers are my all time favorites, that’s if the person knows what they are doing. Wrong penetration or licking techniques can ruin a lot including someone’s lady bits. So be safe (dental dams,condoms),gentle,experiment a little and see what works for you.


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