Copy And Paste Me

copy and paste

By Lickle Dee

Copy me and paste me to your bed,couch or kitchen counter
Make me shut down and take control of my body
Take my clothes off and make me fall in love over and over again with my nakedness
Touch me in places that makes me hold onto you tighter
Places that make me drip wet
Places that make me moarn with intense pleasure
Kiss me,bite me,lick me to euphoria
Flip me,turn me out
Use me as your canvas and paint a picture of pleasure
Paint on me with your tongue
Draw on me with your fingers
Colour me with your multiple love making toys
Whisper in my ear
Spank me,scratch my back,leave sweet reminders of our bodies union
Make my body quiver
Make me beg for more
Send shivers down my spine
Make my toes curl
Ride me,straddle me
Do what you want I’m at your disposal
Own me
Make me want to overdose on you and your touch
Make me…………..



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