Burning Candles In The sun



By Lickle Dee

At night we burn the brightest
Perfect remedy when times are the hardest
We hold on
Ride till we die
We go on and on till we cant anymore
Come morning we are just candles in the sun
Chalk and paint, salt and tea we are of no use to each other
We smile while we hurt
We pretend
Saying I love you though we love other people
We cling onto our bad romance afraid she will love you better
You mad I might find pleasure in someone else’s touch
The thought of you loving someone else kills me
So we hold on tighter hoping tomorrow will be different
Maybe just maybe tomorrow we will be making waves like the wind and water at sea
Maybe just maybe we will relive the memories of last night
Maybe tomorrow I’ll take the lead and make you feel desired,needed,wanted
Maybe tomorrow we will truly and honestly love each other
Till then we are just burning candles in the sun.


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