At First Glance


By Lickle Dee

At first glance she looked like a really pretty boy with long hair. She had broad well defined shoulders and she walked with a bounce in her step just like a dude. I found her extremely sexy and I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. Her name was Kate but everyone called her Kay Kay. My mind wondered about what it would be like to see her naked,what it would feel like to caress her shoulders, play with her hair.
We stayed in the same apartment block and we often ran into each other at the clubs. We became friends and over the next couple weeks we were inseparable. A few days before my 30th birthday she took me out for dinner and we ended up at her apartment. She didn’t drink so we spent hours talking, she was great company and there clearly was chemistry between us. Countless times I wanted to reach out to her and kiss her, we would gaze into each other’s eyes but we both didn’t have the guts to make the first move.
Finally she moved closer and kissed me, I swear I felt my head spin then I went blank. She pulled away “I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have” Kate said desperately searching my eyes for a favorable answer. ” no,no don’t be silly I wanted you to” I responded smiling from ear to ear. Next thing I knew Kate and I were all over the couch, all over each other. She carried me to her bed. And began to undress me till i was in just my heels and panties. ” I want you to relax and enjoy what I’m about to do to you” she instructed. My whole body was in a state of total turned on I couldn’t even respond I just wanted her to touch me,kiss me, hear her moarn, I just wanted her on me and me on her.
She began to undress herself I couldn’t help but touch myself. She was enjoying seeing me rubbing on my coochie, I was too. She undressed down to her boxers and her vest and what appeared to be her breast binder. She had abs for days I ran my fingers through them and I swear I mourned a little. She removed my other hand from inside my panties and put it over my head as she got on top of me. She put both my hands over my head with just one of her hands. She had the other one rubbing on my vijay vijay through my undies. I wiggled in pleasure. I was drenching wet, she let out a soft moarn.
She hungrily kissed on me, biting on my lower lip,licking on it, her tongue passionately teasing mine. She went from my lips to kissing and biting on my neck,to my breasts one after the other,to my navel, circling it with her tongue to removing my undies with her mouth. Slowly she would tag on one side and pull it down until she had them jus below my knees where she pulled them off with her hand. She took the panties and tied my hands together. It was clear my hands weren’t needed. She lowered her head till I felt the warmth of her tongue on my clit. She had me open, my body shaking and jerking to the rhythm of her tongue. We were both moaning, my knees shaking. She switched up, she now had one hand rubbing on my clit while the other penetrated me. She would rub on me in a slow motion kinda way and penetrate me in a fast motion kinda way the combination was just orgasmic.
I could feel myself cuming. She felt it too I think. She started eating me up,stroking on my clit with her tongue while the other hand still penetrated me. My moans got louder and I finally let go. The shakes took over, she moved up to kiss me while she untied me. ” Are you ok?”, she asked. “Yeeeees”I replied in between breaths. She put me on top of her,caressed my body like there was no tomorrow which sent me to sleep.


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