Religion and Me

By Tina



My religion contradicts my personality
All i belive in is shattered with what i know and who i am,somethings
that happen in life are not choices made by me but by the great power
of who i was born to be
I go deep in my spirituality and all i am is seen as a dark force,an
experimental aspect that is never to be discussed about
A toucher,an agony to siblings relatives and parents,i am a blooming
flower with full potential love ready to share it to whom i care and
love ,why then should i be seen as not such
“my lover touched me ,grasped my body and i felt it all over me i
embraced my body so that it would not shake uncontrollably i wanted
nothing but everything from my lover i wanted it all that instant”
If its how one feels for their other partner emotionally or sexually
why then should there be anything dark towards it all, male to
male,female to female male to female who then should have the right to
deprive one off who they want to feel for in such a certain way
My religion,my religion contradicts my personality and my love life
but i love my religion
Shud i then resort to devil worshipping because i love her,because i
want to feel her body beside me
No no no  will i not resort to such for its love not hate,its who i am
and i will give myself as i am
Contradictions are part of life,same goes as complications and
confusions labeling them the three Cs of foolishness
Different soceities like my religion creats these 3 Cs of foolishness
to not only hurt and destroy but to push back and strain more
As religion calls in for peace why then should i be burnt on the stake
and others getting  free passes,in my face they say because you love
her and you are ready to give everything to her?religion


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