In Retrospect

By Tina

The high rates of discrimination against the lgbt societies rising on
a daily basis in most parts of African countries, on a health
pesperctive point of view,it is then difficult to stop sexually
transmitted diseases spreading ,due to the ignorance of African
leaders on the lgbt community issues it then is also a challenge for
the lgbt members to attain correct arccording to them sexual health
practises and because of stigma they cant talkt to nobody,and no
awareness on safer sex . The ignonarance rate growing high and members
of the public trying to eradicate and trying so hard to agree with the
fact that they are no homosexuals in the continent is leading to
extreme homophobia ,with countries like Uganda,and,Nigeria jus to
mention a few passing Anti Gay Bills.Not knowing how many more gay
bills will be added if there is no change on the lgbt isaue, In 2011
David Kato from Uganda got brutally murdered because of the same
reason of ignorant leaders,over many years many high leveled political
and religious leaders in Zimbabwe have added more harrasments to the
publicc against lgbti individuals through public statements allowing
violence towards the lgbti soceitie,,with sucsh statements given by
the the Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe himself in e year
2011 november stating homosexuals as ” worst than dogs and pigs on his
88th  birthday  ”  and also went on to say ‘ noted’  same sex
marriages are insanity and also added  to hell with them! and recently
when he said ” such people must rather be beheaded” in one of his
public speeches,with such prejudiced speeches it fuels the homophic
attitudes towards the lgbt soceity in zimbabwe and other african
countries listening to such. Leading to non feared violence attacks
and harrasments to the lgbt indivudual known in different parts of the
countries or places,many then are driven away from their homes or
workplaces with the use of violence or threatened violence forcing
many to abandon their possesions or live to seek refuge to other
countries the reasons being sexual orientation or gender identity. And
also homophobiam
Zimbabwe law, being in favor of the president’s hatred towards the
lgbt soceity is used to justify harasment and bad treatment of the
lgbt individuals and because  of the same law victims of abuse or
violence because of homophobia can not then report such cases because
of the fear of wrong treatment from the police ,not being able to be
protected but rather get brutalized with beatings from them, in
african can mostly be well respected if only they are
married and have a family.since many parts of african continnents do
not allow same sex marriages, lgbt soceity members get less
privilleged to the right of having their families since they are
prohibited to marry, it then becomes difficult for lgbt co habiting
members of the soceity to claim possesion of their belongings when one
spouse dies …causing then relatives to not only abuse the surviving
partner but to leave them with nothing of their own. As much as it
sounds unbelievable or unnessecarry such things happen and to fight
for spouse belonging or theirs is difficuly because the relatives as
members of the same soceity that is ignorant to such lgbt issues and
that support the law one cannot reclaim possesion even in court
because there is no marriage recognition .and to those in
relationships they not only ssuffer no sense of direction or future or
have no right to family of their own but alsso lack of reason as to
why to date and be commited leading to a lot serious and dangerous
promusciuty in the lgbt youths ,
however aamongst all the countries in Africa South Africa os the only
country that allows. Marriage of the same sex it also faces  many
challenges like brutall killings of their lgbt soceity members abd
‘correctional’ rapes. In which its named such beacuse other homophobic
people believe its  a sicknes that can be healed . Safety is not a
gauranteed thing even to a country that the leaders then accept it
because of other countries in africa it then causes a gap . With no
enough knowledge about such issues it. Then becomes easy for another
human to have no respect for another  human life.


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