Crushed Cans and Broken Bottles

By Lickle Dee

They stop and stare

I hear their “silent whispers”

They say I’m a disgrace to society

They say I’m fast tracking my way to hell.

Fake friends keep their distance afraid I might derail them from their straightness

They don’t understand how a woman can love another woman

They don’t understand how my body can long for another woman’s touch

They say I’m demon possesses

That I’m out of touch with reality

Yet they are the ones out of touch with reality coz we all know love is blind, it knows no colour,sex, age or age

They say I should pray hard, fast and stay away from women

They suggest I get a man, someone “who will give me children”

“Someone who will take care of me and provide for my family”

I suggest I get a woman, someone I can have children for

Someone who can have children for me

Someone who will understand me and how my body works

Someone who will take care of me and I of them

I am who I am

They can talk,laugh,pray, fast

But fact still remains I’m made in God’s image and Only God alone can judge me

And until judgement day I’ll stay true to myself and my hearts desires

Straight, bisexual,lesbian,gay,transgender take away the label and we are all nothing but crashed cans and broken bottles.


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