Because I am

By Waka

It’s no beautiful melody

when you hear a politician promising everything

but a human being’s life

First it was ‘worse than dogs and pigs’ ,

i thought oh well,

i have enough on my platter to deal with

so i brushed it off,

dusted my self up and smiled

Soon smiles turned into frowns and all happiness

drowned when it became…

‘we will behead them’ …

Could these be the utterances of a human being


knowledge or deliberately diverting attention by

inciting hatred.

‘Jail them for two years lets see if they can conceive’ …

So much hatred in these elderly veins

Pushing murderers,

rapists and priests to torment my soul

My life is threatened, yet this is who i am.

Is it because of who i am that i deserve to die,

for who i am has prompted

Those in power to ignore me suffering

as they talk about peace yet for me they declare


Its because I am what i am

that they threaten my hopes

Peace lies somewhere,

but as for me it is nowhere

all hope is but gone.

Like empty vessels,

i hear scary noises about lesbians from all angles.

I am in a dark room wondering if its the beginning of

the end

or the end of the beginning…

Thoughts break my heart and eat me up,

like a female scorpion devouring itself with own


I am hurting myself

Should i die or should i try I will fight,

i will write because i am what i am

Why then would i choose to be gang raped

why would i want to be beheaded

Who would choose to be bashed and used as an

election winning tool

Who would choose to lose privileges

When and how will you get that clear

I am who i am,

because i am

what i am


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