By Deegender equality feminism


“They are worse than dogs and pigs” these have become the all so
common words of our president. In a country that is largely homophobic
it does not help any bit for the lgbti community in Zimbabwe. The
president is on the forefront of bashing the lgbti calling them worse
than animals. Comparing me to an animal is inhumane, that is the crime
not my sexuality. As a point of correction to his utterances that
animals know better scientific study shows that homosexuality also
exists in animals. Why reduce my humanity because of who l love? No
wonder the only mention of of the lgbti in the constitution is one
phrase which says “Same sex marriage is prohibited” The constitution
is a book and in that book the only five words could be directed
towards the lgbti. The life of a lesbian,gay,bisexual,transsexual and
inter sexual person in Zimbabwe leaves nothing to be desired. Living a
double life is now the norm for most of the lgbti. “After nines”
heterosexuals by day and homosexuals by night. We are still very far
from introducing ones partner to ones parents as lover, they are all
labeled as “friend”. When will our people start to see the lgbti
community as humans first? Why are they given their own community like
they have a contagious disease? Why can’t people say there goes a man
whose gay and not there goes a gay man? Why put gay before man and not
man before gay?
I am oppressed in my own freedom,did we not fight the oppressors and
win our independence? My constitution says I have my right to privacy
and dignity. Does my right to privacy not include my privacy as to who
l fall in love with or sleep with? Yes l am open to my family and yes
they support me because they love me. Will my society accept me? My
mother is concerned about her image at church. So we decided to keep
this in the family. What my mother does not know is the rumors of her
daughter being lesbian have long started in the neighborhood as well
as in church. Her daughter has lost friends, because the girls think
she will ask them on dates and the boys think their girlfriends are in
danger. Perceptions, perceptions and more perceptions. I want to be
able to practice my right to freedom, my right to be with who l love
and not be persecuted for it. Its the right of every citizen to
receive health care, why should l be any different because of my
sexuality? I am human enough to practice all the other rights except
my right to love who l want and my right to health care? My brother
went to the point of saying “VaMugabe vakazviramba” meaning the
president of Zimbabwe has prohibited such. Does this mean most if not
all of this homophobia in my country is because of one man?  I have
recently made a new friend she is heterosexual, l am the first
homosexual she has been close to. My question was why? She said she
always thought she won’t have anything in common with a homosexual
person. Much to her surprise we do have things to talk about, I am a
woman after all a woman homosexual and not a homosexual woman.
In my ideal world l would be able to make a reservation at a
restaurant and my girlfriend and l can enjoy a peaceful date without
police rushing in to arrest us. In my ideal world the police would not
be raiding the centre for Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe,rather they
would come and protect their functions. I would like to see the so
called correctional rapists face justice because the law protects my
right to love. It is my right as a human being to have human rights
and my right as a lesbian should be included not prohibited. It is my
human right not to be abused in any way. Just like l practice my right
to life can l also practice my right to love. There is serious need
for transformation within our heterosexual counterparts, they should
stop this close mindedness and open their minds to the people without
putting that label of homosexuality on them. I discovered people are
under the belief that giving us gay rights means we wanna be
affectionate in the streets. No, what l do with my partner is strictly
private and confidential.
I as a Zimbabwean citizen who happens to be a lesbian wishes to be
happily in a relationship with my girlfriend. I am hard working law
abiding citizen, l am a registered voter, l am a mother, a christian
and yet am discriminated against by my own people. Some have gone to
the extent of asking me if l am now normal. I am normal just not
common, because l don’t fit into your idea of normal does not mean l
am not normal. My question is am l less of a human after you found out
about my sexuality than before because l am not written on my forehead
that l am lesbian. I don’t understand why as a human being l should
live in fear. I did not choose to be like this, why would l in a world
that is so difficult for homosexuals. I did not choose to be like
this, l do not even know why l am like this. All l know is l love
other women and it is a criminal to do so. I am leaving in a world
surrounded by fornicators, adulterers, liars and no one has
criminalised them even though the Bible condemns these things.
Then one says we won’t be able to reproduce. Homosexuals have been
there even during the time of Jesus and reproduction has since taken
place. We have gay men rising kids and lesbian families reproduction
is still taking place. Does not matter how it happens, it happens. I
have a womb which can carry a baby full term but l am not entitled or
obliged to be tied up in a loveless arrangement because of society.
Let us not lose our humanity because of things we don’t understand,yes
people don’t understand homosexuality but it does not mean criminalise
it. I am not asking for same sex marriages, l am asking that we be
accepted in society as equals to our heterosexual colleagues.


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